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  • 12x30m Party Wedding Tent with peak roof and half o...

    12x30m Party Wedding Tent with peak roof and half octagon at both ends 


    Wimar Engineer team has more than 10 years experiences in tent industry.

    Wimar provided a 12x30m mixed party tent with central peak and polygon ends to accommodate 300-350 people for catering.

    The tent features a 410 Square meters area that can be rented for VIP parties, corporate functions or private events.

    The tent comes with interior linings, carpet, dance floor and chandeliers to complete the good look.


     The LED uplighting with color changing is available, also  can be add heating or cooling for specific functions

  • 8m 10m Arcum Tent for wedding events

    8m/10m Arcum Tent for Outdoor wedding events

    With the events in mind, the goal for this arcum/dome tent is to be able to compatible with the existing 15m structure tent of our client.

    On the exterior, Wimar designed the tent structure with a arched shape, the tent cover is made by more thickener transparent PVC, providing a very distinctive look.


    On the interior, lined with draped white fabric liners, also the floor will be carpeted and chandeliers will be added to complete the look.

    When the kitchen is required - we will design a interior wall to divide the space into two rooms, small room will be for kitchen. 

  • 15x40m industrial warehouse tent with steel plate w...

    Wimar quality industrial warehouse tent for sale, strong and durable structure have ensure they're a good solution for warehouse and workshop.

    We provide range of sizes and designs of semi-permanent and temporary tents to satisfy your needs, like onsite workshops, agriculture, supermarket, car packing shade, office hall or aircraft hangar.

    Our warehouse tent structures come with sturdy aluminum frames, the walls have many options, like steel sheet wall, sandwich panel wall, ABS wall, PVC wall and glass wall. They will withstand most condition

  • 3x3m Outdoor Pagoda Tent for 2008 Beijing Olympic G...

    3x3m Outdoor Pagoda Tent for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 

    Whatever for security checking tents or walkway tents, more than 500 sets of 3x3m pagoda tent are provided by Wimar Tent in front of the Olympic Bird's Nest in Beijing.

    Common uses for this style of tents
    * Entrance porch to a larger marquee 
    * Hospitality units used singly or linked together with gutter kits
    * As an attractive solution to the smaller garden party event 
    * Ideal function room extension for home
    * Create extra space in peak season for your restaurant
    * Perfect for market trading, exhibiting products or a cocktail bar
    * Great for sports days like horse racing, Olympic games, polo

    The covers are made from 850 gram 100% PVC The Framework is mad by hard extruded aluminum alloy, profile is 65x65x2.5mm

  • 20m arcum tent

    Wimar Arcum Structure Tents offer a fresh new look for discerning clients interested in an elegant and unique tent solution for outdoor event.


    The roof beams are bended so that it becomes the elegant curved shape. Tent size is 20x60m, covered 1200 square meters that could accommodate 800 people in.

    The structure tent can be tailored in length, width and height to meet your specific needs, without interior poles and exterior ropes.


    Common uses: wedding, private parties trade show, sporting events, corporate getherings

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