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  • 15m PVC Storage Tent in Norway

    The 15x30m PVC storage tent in Norway, by Wimar Tent, is sturdy, light weight, easy to transport, assemble, and dismantle.

    Wimar storage tent can be expanded or decreased to meet any demands.

    Available in 3m to 60m widths, length can varied by adding or removing modules. 

    Here are the features of Wimar PVC warehouse tent:

    1.Short construction time: It takes 2 to 3 days to assemble a 1,000sqm warehouse tent.
    2. Materials are 100% reusable when moving to another area.
    3.Wall system has options of a PVC wall, steel plate wall, sandwich panel wall, ABS wall to satisfy different needs.
    4.Shutter door system can be used for loading entrance for truck or forklift from four sides of the warehouse tent.
    5.Roof cover uses 650-850g/m2 coated PVC polyester textile and flame retardant to DIN 4102 BI,M2.

  • 30m ABS Warehouse Storage Tent

    Wimar warehouse tent is with the characters of temporality, flexibility and mobility which could meet different demands of various clients.

    The structure tent is secured, insulated and weather-proof, including snow-shedding for year-round installation.

    The tent width is from 3m to 60m, and the length is unlimited and expandable, height could be from 2.5m to 8m, allowing to drive a forklift or truck through the tent.

    Aluminum door, shutter door, emergency exit are also available. 

  • 15x40m industrial warehouse tent with metal wall

    Wimar quality industrial warehouse tent for sale, strong and durable structure have ensure they're a good solution for warehouse and workshop.

    We provide range of sizes and designs of semi-permanent and temporary tents to satisfy your needs, like onsite workshops, agriculture, supermarket, car packing shade, office hall or aircraft hangar.

    Our warehouse tent structures come with sturdy aluminum frames, the walls have many options, like steel sheet wall, sandwich panel wall, ABS wall, PVC wall and glass wall. They will withstand most condition

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