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2008 Beijing Olympic Games Tent Suppliers

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3x3m Outdoor Pagoda Tent for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Whatever for security checking tents or walkway tents, more than 500 sets of 3x3m pagoda tent are provided by Wimar Tent in front of the Olympic Bird's Nest in Beijing.
Common uses for this style of tents
* Entrance porch to a larger marquee
* Hospitality units used singly or linked together with gutter kits
* As an attractive solution to the smaller garden party event
* Ideal function room extension for home
* Create extra space in peak season for your restaurant
* Perfect for market trading, exhibiting products or a cocktail bar
* Great for sports days like horse racing, Olympic games, polo
The covers are made from 850 gram 100% PVC The Framework is mad by hard extruded aluminum alloy, profile is


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